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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1…Is it costly to insure my whole family?

Richmond bc living benefits insurance dollar

No, the family price is about the price of 2 individuals. Children will be covered for free from birth to 17 years of age for most of our policies.

Question 2…I can’t afford it

Richmond bc living benefits insurance coffee

…Well, most policies are less than the price of a regular coffee a day. Save the coffee and protect your family and yourself.

Most people spend more for their car insurance than on insurance for themselves

A buck or two a day will not make us poor but thousands per day or per week continuously will drain our financial resources meant for our retirement.

You are the most valuable asset in the family. So love yourself and do the right thing.

Question 3…I would like to think about it

richmond bc living benefits insurance house on fire
“5:27am, 2-1/2 story wood frame with heavy fire showing on floor number 3. Beverly, Massachusetts, USA.”

…. you can only buy insurance when you are HEALTHY. A good example is a house on fire, you cannot buy fire insurance but you can certainly buy other types of insurance eg. car insurance.

Insurance is a NEED and not a WANT. We can wait till we are hungry before we eat, till it rains before we buy an umbrella, till it snows before we put snow tires

… but the only time we can buy insurance is when we qualify for it

…I have seen people lose their homes or suffer financial ruin because they don’t have insurance.

So, the only time to buy insurance is when you qualify for it.

Question 4…I have a group plan

…Most group plans cover you for dental and prescriptions but they dont pay you cash for your monthly bills if you are unable to work due to sickness or injury.

richmond bc living benefits insurance worksafe

…WCB does not pay you in full.

…Most Canadians live from paycheck to paycheck and if our pay were to drop from 100% to 60%, that is a big reduction and families may have to dig into their hard earned savings or incur credit card debts.

Question 5…Can I get insurance if I already have cancer or some other illness?

Most of our policies cover you with existing conditions after 2 years subject to approval.

Question 6…Can I get insurance if I have a risky hobby e.g. scuba-diving, bungee jumping, car racing or just a risky occupation, contractors?

Yes, we cover these as well.

Question 7…I am already 65 years old. No company will sell me any insurance.

richmond bc living benefits insurance 65
Birthday candles celebrating 65th birthday

….. As long as you are below 71 today, you can still buy most of our policies and our policies terminate at age 85 or for a lifetime.

Question 8…Can I claim multiple times?

Yes, of course